The American Dream

The signs in this series represent a fabled era in American history. An era when our ideals seemed innocent, almost pure to us now; of a time when even a sky-high sign of shimmering lights showed just how much we believed in the certainty that our future would indeed be layered with good fortune.

Mom and pop motels peppered the highways and byways of this country back then. Their fading beauty resides in crumbling, once bustling neighborhoods, which time has all but forgotten. Uniform, generic franchises have replaced these distinctly unique inns. The proud motels that once welcomed weary travelers have become run-down weekly rentals, or even worse, rent by the hour flop houses. Most have ceased to exist. In many cases, all that remains of these Inns are their decaying signs.

Unrecognizable from the once luminous beacons which signaled rest to wayward journeymen, these signs still dot the American landscape, although most are hidden, long dormant under a layer of rust. With this series I have brought these signs back to life by restoring them to their original grandeur. Before these signs are entirely erased from our collective memories, my aim is to recall the hope they once brought to those lucky enough to have driven along a dusty American highway, and were for one brief moment, caught in the strong pull of their shine.

All Images are a limited edition of 25 available in different sizes.

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